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IRP & IFTA Waiver Requests Granted in PA and VA for Maryland Port Truckers!

April 10, 2024

MMTA has been notified by both the Pennsylvania and Virginia Department's of Transportation that their states will waive IRP and IFTA requirements for Maryland trucking companies hauling freight to or from a seaport.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation indicated that the Pennsylvania State Police "will not enforce as long as waivers are in place" in Maryland. 

In Virginia, the Department of Motor Vehicles stated that "Effective immediately, Virginia will suspend taking enforcement action regarding registration requirements under the International Registration Plan (IRP) and road tax requirements under the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) for commercial motor vehicles (1) that are otherwise validly registered with non-apportioned license plates, and (2) that are engaged in providing direct assistance supporting emergency relief efforts following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, including port-to-port hauling to address capacity concerns at Baltimore’s port. 

The period of the suspension will end upon expiration of the state of emergency that has been declared by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as a result of the situation in Maryland. Currently, that state of emergency, as extended, is scheduled to remain in effect until the end of the emergency (as defined in 49 CFR § 390.5T) or until 11:59 P.M. (ET), May 8, 2024, whichever is earlier.

In addition, Virginia will provide assistance by issuing special permits for the transportation of containerized freight, under the same conditions as currently apply to such permits under § 46.2-1141 of the Code of Virginia, except that (1) the validity period of the permit will be 30 days, and (2) the permit will be issued at no charge. Issuance of these free permits will cease upon expiration of the federal state of emergency referenced above."

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