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Maryland Tolling Update – Possible Duplicate Tolls and Trailer Plate Violation Issues

December 28, 2021

Three years ago the Maryland Transportation Authority announced it had selected TransCore as its new contractor to provide customer service for its toll system. Much of the transition to TransCore occurred earlier this year. Since that time, MMTA has received numerous complaints. Some of the biggest issues include:


  • Examples where members were receiving notices of tolls due in the mail for tolls that actually charged to a company’s E-ZPass account. MMTA has confirmed with the agency that this did occur on a limited basis for some tolls in June and July 2021.
  • Violations where photos were taken of trailer plate numbers instead of tractor plates. This is resulting in trailer companies, chassis providers, and others getting these notices instead of the vehicle operator. Many trailer companies, etc. are not contesting these tolls and simply make payment, then bill back the motor carrier with a hefty administrative fee. Historically the Transportation Authority only took photos of tractor plates, but the new contract actually takes photos and video of all transactions. The agency confirmed to MMTA that violations should NOT be issued based on a trailer plate as it is the tractor operator that is the responsible party for tolls.


The Transportation Authority has undertaken exhaustive retraining with TransCore to ensure these problems are resolved. If you identify any issues like those noted above, you should contact This gets to the agency’s operations team, and they will work with you on resolution.

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