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Remember Your Rights if Your Truck Needs Towed!

January 3, 2024

If your truck is involved in an accident that requires a tow company, carriers should remember that if the MD State Police wants to use a tower from its rotation, you can request the tower of your choice. Under a law that took effect last year, commercial motor vehicle owners must be allowed to use the tower of choice and bypass the State Police list as long as the tower can arrive in 30 minutes or less, with some exclusions if it creates a safety risk. In addition, towers cannot place a lien on cargo.

  • If there is a genuine dispute over the cost of the tow and the cargo is owned by a 3rd party other than the vehicle owner, the tower must release the cargo to its owner or designee.
  • If there is a dispute over the cost and the cargo is owned by the vehicle owner, the vehicle owner must provide insurance information demonstrating it has sufficient coverage to cover the cost of the cargo cleanup. If it does not have sufficient coverage, the vehicle owner will have to sign a letter of guarantee for payment of the cargo cleanup before cargo is released.

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