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Has Your Company had an IRP Audit? You May be Entitled to a Refund.

May 12, 2021

If you had an International Registration Plan (IRP) audit conducted by the state of Maryland in the past four years using GPS system records and received either an Inadequate Records Assessment Penalty or were assessed additional fees, you may be entitled to a refund of the audit fees paid.  Many of the IRP audits conducted in 2017 (83%) and 2018 (80%) were deemed to have inadequate records. 

One MMTA member had an IRP audit and, it was recently determined, was improperly assessed an Inadequate Records Assessment Penalty.  The motor carrier challenged the penalty to the IRP's Dispute Resolution Committee.  The DRC found in the carrier's favor, which resulted in the audit being declared void.  The carrier was refunded all assessment fees.  If you are a member that has had an audit conducted and were assessed additional fees, please contact Louis Campion at MMTA,

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