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Industry Issues Being Debated in the General Assembly

March 11, 2021

Maryland’s General Assembly kicked off January 13.  Although there was hope that legislators would restrain themselves since the entire session is virtual, the pandemic has not stopped elected officials from introducing more than 2,000 bills.  Some of the key issues MMTA is working on include legislation that would:

  • Increase the mileage frequency between preventive maintenance inspections for Class F tractors that are 5 years old or newer from 25,000 miles to 35,000 miles. (Support)
  • Remove enforcement of the state’s following too closely laws for trucks that are electronically platooning. (Support)
  • Require motor carriers to provide prospective drivers with their USDOT numbers and the website address for FMCSA’s SAFER system when making an offer of employment. (Support)
  • Impose the state excise tax on rental vehicles, including Class E trucks, which are currently exempt. (Oppose)
  • Require “hazard pay” ($3 per hour) for workers in essential industries during a state of emergency and allow employees to choose not to work if they feel unsafe. (Oppose)
  • Allow Prince George’s County to use cameras to electronically enforce trucks traveling on restricted routes. (Position TBD)
  • Provide civil liability protection for businesses from lawsuits by individuals who have been exposed or potentially exposed to COVID-19. (Support)

For questions about any issues, contact MMTA President Louis Campion, 410-644-4600,

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