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Eastwood Named Maryland’s Driver of the Year

March 4, 2022

On Thursday, March 3, Gary Eastwood of Pitt Ohio was named Maryland’s truck driver of the year by the Maryland State Police.  Eastwood was one of 12 drivers recognized by Maryland Motor Truck Association as the 2021 Drivers of the Month, with the State Police choosing him from among the 12 winners as the Driver of the Year.  Eastwood has driven for 32 years, traveling 3.2 million safe miles.  His outstanding service includes:

  • Helping another driver whose trailer was on fire, saving the tractor and the load.
  • Assisting the police and emergency medical personnel when he was the first on the scene at a fatal accident.
  • Running a community lawn and garden service for elderly.
  • Serving as a longtime lay person at his church in Westminster.

To quote Gary’s daughter, Natalie, in a letter submitted in support of his nomination, “My dad learned something most people never do, there is no end, no finish line to being a good dad, a good person, or a good truck driver.”

The combined records of the Drivers of the Month equal 380 years of experience and over 26 million miles of safe driving.  Congratulations to Gary and all of our winners!

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